In recognition of a brand that embodies market dominance and market acceptance, among other strengths, FERN-C was awarded as a “Superbrand” from 2008 up to the present.

MVP Bossing Award

Given to Mr. Tan for playing an exceptional role as the leader of FERN, Inc.

Quali-C and Quali Blends

FERN’s products carry DSM’s “Quali-C” and “Quali Blends” trademarks, which guarantee peace of mind for consumers.

Being the biggest source of nutritional products next to nature, DSM assures of premium world-class QUALITY in FERN and i-fern products. DSM maintains Good Manufacturing Principles (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) to ensure a safe, controlled environment.


FERN-C and FERNCoffee are certified as Halal by the Office on Muslim Affairs. This means that the processes and ingredients used in producing these supplements follows the strict practices and beliefs of Islamic Law.


FERN, Inc. is recognized by Joey Concepcion’s GoNegosyo for being one of the companies who are proactive in promoting entrepreneurship as a ameans  to improve the country’s economy.

ERNST and YOUNG Emerging Entrepreneur

Awarded to FERN’s President and CEO, Tommanny Tan for hiscommitment in developing entrepreneurs as a gateway to continue the company’s vision of sharing prosperity.


Having passed the highest requirements and standards of registration for pharmaceutical products, FERN-C has been issued the Food and Drug (FDA) Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) No. DRHR-1009.