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About us

“HEALTH is WEALTH” may be an overused cliché, but the message is crystal clear.

Health is everything, that is why we are committed to providing world-class quality health and wellness products to every Filipino Family.

Filipino Entrepreneurs Resources Network Inc. (FERN, Inc.) is a 100% Filipino-owned company established in 2003 that is focused on developing better and more affordable health and wellness solutions for all.

FERN, Inc. is the company behind the #1 sodium ascorbate vitamin C in the Philippines, FERN-C. This world class product is the only vitamin C in the country that carries the Quali-C seal from DSM Europe. DSM, a long-time partner of FERN Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of vitamins next only to nature.

FERN Inc. has also launched the following products:

  • FERN-C kidz - a vitamin C plus with Zinc food supplement for children.
  • FERN Coffee - the Coffee-liciously Healthy coffee mix with vitamins and minerals.
  • FERN Kiddimin - a food supplement with Vitaminsarap boosters.
  • FERN Flex - a food supplement for joint health.