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The Daily Commuter’s Survival Guide

Date Created · Sept 30, 2018

The daily commute to work is never fun thanks to the traffic situation that is a reality in most major cities in the Philippines. Inside a jam-packed bus or MRT, you are forced to witness and share the misery of your fellow wage earners. Without so much personal space, you get to share the sweat, the smell of their breath and their misery.


Five Feel Good Tips to Improve Office Mood

Date Created · Oct 30, 2018

The office is a good place to make lasting friendships, improve social skills as well as develop new ones. However, because of work pressure, the office can quickly affect the well-being of employees making them feel stressed and become unproductive...


Get On the Right Career Track in 2019 With These Tips!

Date Created · Jan 30, 2019

Have you started fulfilling your 2019 resolutions yet? A new year offers new opportunities for a fresh start in the office. What can you do to kick this year off right? Here are 5 tips to help you get a good head-start in the work place this year.