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FERN-C kidz: Always Silipin ang C
Speaking of keeping in mind the things and practices that work to keep the smooth flow of our family life which includes staying healthy and well. We rely on eating a balanced meal, practicing a regular exercise regimen, staying hydrated.

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The Top 3 Things I Never Scrimp on When It Comes to my Kids
Are you a protective mom? I am because I want to prevent anything that may cause harm to my kids or put them at risk. With that said, there are three things that I never scrimp on when it comes to my kids.

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FERN-C kidz: Top 3 Things Not to Skimp on Parenting
As the years pass by, the word 'parenting' sinks in. Now I know the meaning of what my mama told me when I was a child. She would always tell me "pag naging nanay ka na, maiintindihan mo din bakit ganito, bakit ganyan" (when you become a mother too, you'll understand why this, why that).

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