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10 Signs You’re a Tito of Manila
Titas Of Manila are officially a thing and have definitely made their marks around the metro. There are tita drinks and tita bars and tita activities—almost everything that labels itself tita-friendly becomes an instant hit (at least for a while). But it’s time to officially put the spotlight on the Titos of Manila.

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10 Extreme Sports Titas and Titos Should Consider Trying
If you are one, I'm sure you're not only considered a confidante by your sister or brother when everything goes clueless and messy at home. Sometimes, you are their instant babysitter when they have to go somewhere with their spouse to vacay and leave you behind all the household chores — what else?

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25 Signs That You’re Officially a Tito in Manila
Time can be unforgiving. If left unchecked, it will rob your youth like a virus, and renaming you into a Tito (Uncle) – a term used in for men who are ‘kind of' old.

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