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Five Feel Good Tips to Improve Office Mood

Date Created · Oct 30, 2018

The office is a good place to make lasting friendships, improve social skills as well as develop new ones. However, because of work pressure, the office can quickly affect the well-being of employees making them feel stressed and become unproductive. The tips below aim to make the office a happier and more productive place to work in:

1.) Listen to music

Music at an audible yet non-obtrusive volume is known to kill boredom and strengthen focus. Take turns in being the “DJ for the day” who will be in charge of streaming music to make sure that everyone enjoys the music being played.

2.) Maintain a positive mind-set

Being thankful and being positive makes you happier and less stressed in the workplace. When you have a bad day, write down everything you’re grateful for at work – even if it’s as simple as “I’m happy to have a job.”

3.) Eat healthy

People feel better whenever food is involved. Fruits and nuts are good examples of snacks you can stock up in the office pantry which are known to improve mood and productivity. With snacks available, you and your colleagues will enjoy coffee break bonding moments more. Another benefit of eating healthy is that it keeps you from feeling bloated and sluggish at work.

4.) Appreciate your workmates

Set up a space where you can post your company’s "employee of the month" poster in recognition of the achievements of each member of the team. When employees and their efforts are valued, their loyalty, satisfaction and productivity rise, they feel motivated to keep up or improve their good work. Praise and recognition are definitely great motivators.

5.) Always have coffee within reach

While coffee is one of the best ways to perk you up during the dreaded “oras de peligro”, caffeine also helps in decreasing stress levels. That’s the reason why coffee makes you feel good even if you are tired and sleepy. But don’t just settle for the ordinary 3-in-1, choose a coffee-liciously healthy mix. Try FERN Coffee. It contains non-acidic sodium ascorbate vitamin C, a potent antioxidant which helps counter the effects of stress, B vitamins for higher energy levels and calcium for healthy bones.

No matter how much you try to improve the vibe in your office, people at times will feel under the weather. Don’t worry too much about it. Though it takes a little extra effort to improve the mood in the office, everything will eventually pay off. Stress levels will be minimized and everyone will enjoy each one’s company more as positive vibes beat negativity.

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